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Arma Dei Academy takes the safety of our students, staff, parents and community members seriously.

How the school closure decision is made

Beginning early in the morning we have several staff members relay the conditions they see across the county and at our schools. If conditions are extremely treacherous or the forecast indicates that they may become too dangerous the team makes a recommendation for a closure.

If school remains open

During Colorado winters, snow and ice are to be expected. We encourage everyone to drive extremely cautiously and not worry about arriving late. As always, we respect a parent’s decision to keep their students home.

Where are closures and delays posted?

In the event of a closure or delay, the information will be immediately posted on the Arma Dei website and Facebook page & group. Local news stations will be notified and an emergency text alert will be sent.

Uniforms at Arma Dei Academy

Arma Dei Academy requires that each student wear a school-approved uniform to enhance the atmosphere of learning, minimize ambiguities, and foster a spirit of camaraderie among the student body. The student is identified with a group that strives for excellence and the policy is established toward that end.

Parents should be sure that from head-­to-­toe, each of their children is an excellent representative of Arma Dei Academy. We request that students arrive at school with their uniforms in neat, clean, and good condition.

Arma Dei Academy also maintains a ‘Uniform Closet’ where parents may recycle and/or pick up gently worn uniform items.

Download 2019-2020 Boys Uniform Guide (.pdf) 

Download 2019-2020 Girls Uniform Guide (.pdf) 

Download Helpful Tips (.pdf)

Order from Dennis
Items required from Dennis:
Chapel Plaid skirts/ties
Navy sweater vests
PE shorts (PE shirts are ordered through Logo Wear)
Dennis Uniforms,
8600 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124

Order Logo Wear
Items required from logo wear:
Navy polo
P.E. shirt

Morning Drop Off
7:55am – 8:10am

Morning Start Time

Afternoon Pick Up
Kdg – 4th Grade 3:30pm
5th – 8th 3:25pm

Kindergarten Hours
8:15am – 12:10am

Kindergarten Enrichment
11:30pm– 3:30pm

1st – 4th Grade Hours
8:15pm – 3:30pm

5th – 8th Grade Hours
8:15am – 3:25pm

Kdg – 2nd Grade 11:25am – 12:05pm
3rd – 4th Grade 11:50pm – 12:30pm
5th – 8th Grade 12:05pm – 12:40pm

Order by June 10 for the BEST pricing and FREE shipping, your kit will be delivered to Arma Dei and be waiting for you at Meet Your Teacher Day on August 16.

Extended ordering is available from June 11 – July 26 for an additional fee and will be delivered to your home shortly before school begins. Please contact Danielle Pereira with any questions.

A Helix geometry set for grades 7 & 8 is needed in addition to the EduKit. If you have this from your third-grade year, you do not need to purchase a new one.

Order from EduKit 

Download Supply Lists for All Grades 

Parent Education

Learn why parents like you are pursuing a classical Christian education for their children and how this is transforming students into future leaders

The mission of ACCS is to promote, establish and equip schools committed to a classical approach to education with a Biblically-based Christian worldview.

Learn More »

Virtues Project Final

Parent Articles in the Arma Dei Blog

Four Myths about Classical Education

As more and more parents adopt classical and Christian education, many others are left with questions. Unfamiliarity with the classical method seems to have given rise to some common myths. While you may find some truth in each myth, we believe your concerns about classical education will begin to fade as your knowledge increases. In fact, you may be surprised by the same enthusiasm that has motivated thousands of parents to return to an education…

A Lasting Decision

Few investments have more potential than your children’s education. The way they see the world, the way they approach life, and the depth of their character are all influenced by education. The choice of where and how to educate your children can be challenging and complicated. Public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, home schools, non-sectarian and religious private schools all have something to offer. Educational styles and methods range from the traditional to the progressive.…

Classical Schools - What happens when Christianity is silenced?

Article from The Classical Difference Read more here TALE OF TWO SCHOOLS In February of 2013, in a high school class at one of the nation’s largest secular classical school chains, a discussion was held. It was very impressive, but an unusual turn of events shed light on a problem. Earlier that week, in a class at a classical Christian school, juniors were discussing a passage midway through Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov. The Christian discussion was…

What Parents Look for in Christian Schools

With the new academic year upon us, parents will be preparing to send their children off to school with different expectations and motivations for their education. Their process of choosing a school was most likely informed by the educational objectives they most value for their children. But what are the priorities of parents when it comes to choosing a school? And what role does faith play in such important decisions? In partnership with the Association…

How hard can kindergarten be?

The shaping and appreciation for order and decency starts in kindergarten in an external form. Over the years that discipline is internalized so that students can think and study on their own without any prompting. In addition to teaching our children what they need to know, teachers create an atmosphere for learning. This understanding of the heart and soul of students is part of the beauty of classical education. Read more here Arma Dei…

Chronological Study of History

Arma Dei Academy purposefully selects our curriculum and pursues a chronological study of history. It is our desire for each student to not only know the who, what, where, when and why of events, but that they are able to place themselves on God’s timeline and connect and relate the events to their lives. Each year every grade level has an opportunity to share their excitement and bring to life their historical time period. The…

Diving Deep Into The Classics

Classical education includes reading and diving deep into the classics. Fifth graders are learning first hand in the book, "Calico Captive" by Elizabeth George Spear, about true friendship. Their teacher Mrs. Wenger quoted President George Washington, “Friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.” Students have had several thought provoking discussions on this topic alone. Little known fact: While George…

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

Cursive writing is important in the learning process at Arma Dei Academy and it starts in kindergarten. By MARIA KONNIKOVA JUNE 2, 2014 New York Times Read more here  Does handwriting matter? Not very much, according to many educators. The Common Core standards, which have been adopted in most states, call for teaching legible writing, but only in kindergarten and first grade. After that, the emphasis quickly shifts to proficiency on the keyboard. But psychologists…
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